The Unlocked - J.D. Stonebridge

The Unlocked

By J.D. Stonebridge

  • Release Date: 2015-09-26
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 72 Ratings


A childless couple, Sarah and Carl Hartley, become witnesses to a car accident along Pilgrims Highway. As the baby girl who they pulled out from the burning car grows up, they learn that little Charlene 'Charlie' Hartley is more special than they expected. From a very young age, Charlie developed a surprising ability to move items without touch. 

Seventeen years later, Charlie was already on her way to Harvard when she encounters an incident forcing her to use her hidden telekinetic powers. A new world of possibilities opens for Charlie as she is invited to become part of a special team of operatives composed of superhuman young adults like her. When the truth of her parentage is revealed, and the discovery that a young girl who resembled her is part of the institute for superhumans known as A.N.D.R.E.I., Charlie is tempted with the chance to be reunited with her biological sister. 

But within the secure walls of A.N.D.R.E.I, things aren’t all what they seem. And while she struggles to control her talent, a series of events lead Charlie to suspect the true motives of the government institution. The more she searches for her sister, the more dangerous it becomes. Can she uncover the mystery behind A.N.D.R.E.I., before it’s too late?


  • The Unlocked by: J. D. Stonebridge

    By Proctorasshole
    Great read with a fun group of characters and a interesting paranormal reading. Time for my hot popcorn and plenty of time with my iPad book. Looking forward to the next book. KSW
  • Justfinishedit102016

    By 3rdnicknamek
    The story was okay. It was intriguing. I agree with the other reviewers on the dialog--it seemed underwhelming and like a chore to read some of it. Charlie's parents calling her Princess all the time was sickening. The fact that Charlie is COLLEGE aged throws the book off for me. Charlie "feels" to me like she's high school aged based on the writing and themes throughout.
  • Enjoyable read with just a little angst

    By web526
    I enjoyed reading this book and found myself surprised when the story did not go into the boy-meets-girl, girl-loses-mind scenario. I was kept on edge and found myself waking up in he middle of the night to finish the story.
  • Wut?

    By JustSomeAlienGirl
    This was so boringggggg. I feel like they were on the right track to a good book but then just messed it up all the hell. Like the characters are basic (especially Charlie; basic bish) and her parents are super annoying. They should've added a little romance to it because well, Charlie needs to step outside of her guarded life and live a little. Get a little action going on in this book, ya know? A little tragedy, just a little bit of everything in this... The author could have made Charlie not so good girl like for a while to make this book even better too. But besides that it was very poorly written, sounded more like I was reading a first real chapter book for a fifth grader...
  • Eh

    By Unknown112112321
    Great plot in theory, but poorly written. The characters are average
  • Loved it!!

    By Rjdjdjwksjdj
    Great storyline great characters and a great book :)
  • What

    By Cupckeszssluvuml
    Sorry this has absolutely nothing to do with the book itself but they stole the art on the cover of this book from another book I read called Insight, which is very good.
  • Not the best

    By Softie individual
    When I first read the description , I was curious to see how it was going to turn out. I was disappointed with the writing especially in the beginning. Some of it sounded like dialogue and thoughts that a fourth grader might use. That is saying something because I'm in seventh grade and I'm 12 years old. Anyways it got a little better at the end. I liked Charlie's personality but sometimes she spoke and thought things that sounded childish and didn't match the plot. I wish there was a little more romance . ***SPOILER*** I know Charlie wanted to save her sister but why would she risk her life when she already knew she wouldn't have a chance. Maybe the first time I understand but the third time I was exasperated. GIVE IT UP CHARLIE U TRIED ! SAVE HER WHEN U R BETTER TRAINED!!! The author could probably use a better editor to make the plot flow better. But all in all the book was OK. This is a book I'd read if I was bored ...but we all have different opinions.