When a Laird Loves a Lady - Julie Johnstone

When a Laird Loves a Lady

By Julie Johnstone

  • Release Date: 2016-03-22
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4.5
From 183 Ratings


A need to belong drives her. A longing to forget compels him. Fate may send them into each other's arms, but only love can mend their hearts.

An Outlander

Raised by a tyrannical father, Marion de Lacy yearns for the comfort of belonging to a loving family. So when her father announces her betrothal to an evil knight in exchange for his help to overthrow the king, she concocts a desperate scheme to avoid the marriage: feigning her own death and then fleeing England. But when her plan goes terribly awry and she's captured by the knight, not even her careful preparations could ready her for the Scottish barbarian who rescues her and then informs her that he's to marry her by edict of her king. Certain her father will defy the king's orders and wed her to the knight if she refuses the Highlander's hand, Marion agrees to marry the strangely compelling but obstinate laird of the MacLeod clan.

A Highlander

After the death of his beloved wife, Iain MacLeod has no desire to marry ever again. Yet when he finds himself obliged to do so to secure the freedom of his childhood friend and king, he reluctantly travels across England to collect his unwanted bride, expecting to find a cold Englishwoman. Instead, he discovers a fiery, bold beauty who is fiercely loyal, protective of those she loves, and defies him at every turn, challenging his certainty that his heart is dead.


Following a hasty marriage and perilous journey to Scotland, Marion harbors no illusions that her new husband loves her. Still, her heart cannot resist the noble, brave warrior, and she cannot suppress the hope that she has finally found where she belongs. However, the harder she tries to fit in with the clan and gain Iain's love, the farther away her dreams drift. Iain is more than willing to give his respect to his courageous wife—her kisses and caresses even ignite his blood and demand his passion—but he refuses to give up his heart. That is, until enemies near and far threaten to take Marion from him. Now the demons that haunt him can only be conquered by surrendering body and soul to Marion, if only it's not too late…

"WHEN A LAIRD LOVES A LADY by Julie Johnstone is the first book in the Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts series, and I cannot wait for the second instalment. With beautiful imagery, the author transports the reader to a whole new world. Both Marion and Iain are meaningful and emotional characters, who I became deeply invested in. I could not put this book down. With plenty of danger, excitement and passionate encounters, WHEN A LAIRD LOVES A LADY by Julie Johnstone has got it all, and I now have a new favourite author." ~ Fresh Fiction


  • When a Laird Loves a Lady

    By Dixilee
    For me, a perfect romance novel. Thanks!
  • Love

    By math wizard
    An excellent well written story! Marion is trying to run away but plans do not always work out the way you want. She runs into trouble but rescue comes in the form of Iain MacLeod. The story has plenty if action, plot twists, humor and even betrayals. Read and enjoy this book which I highly recommend!
  • When a Laird Loves a Lady

    By deedeepogo
    Loved this story! Wonderful characters, great plots, wicked treachery, pain & sorrow, and enough excitement to keep you up at night! And, of course, a deliciously wonderful, but hard fought for love story with a happily ever after ending! (This is a rather long book, so pace yourself.) Enjoy and happy reading!
  • Nice rainy day read

    By Jeigh5
    I was over the back and forth, however the story of Iain and Marion came together quite nicely
  • Favorite book this year

    By RedBCKC
    This has been my favorite book this year. Love the strong female characters and yet the male characters are strong too. Very well written and although I rarely like to buy books in a series I will buy more from this one. I enjoyed the story, characters, etc. that much. Definitely recommend the book ad author, just my opinion. ;0)
  • Romance, Adventure, Excitement and Devotion

    By Lillypadgreen12
    An absolutely exhilarating, fast paced, romantic Scottish love story. I was immediately pulled in by the brooding Scottish Laird and the beautiful, delicate Marion. The characters, the plot, the setting, and even the secondary characters were so accurate and riveting that I didn't want to put the book down, or turn off the audio. Ms. Johnstone always writes beautiful, intriguing stories, but I admit to being partial to Scottish love stories. Mr. Tim Campbell is an amazing narrator. He does an excellent job with the varied characters and their accents. He does give Ian a very sexy Scottish rogue..
  • Medieval Hit

    By Deiatra Dee
    Marion de Lacy is determined to take the control of who she marries from her diabolical father’s hands with a well thought out plan of escape. Alas, things have to be hurried along as her fiancée arrives sooner than expected. Set upon by the very person she is running from and rescued by a man she soon learns is her only hope for escape. Marion is forced to decide which of the lesser of two evils to take. Neither of which will provide the love she so longs to have. Iain MacLeod is still reeling from the death of his beloved wife when he is summoned to England for discussions on the release of the Scottish King. He’s to suffer another blow when a condition of the King’s release is that Iain marry the daughter of a Baron, who the English King believes is in a conspiracy to overthrow the throne. Resigned to a life with a spoiled Englishwoman Iain is relieved to learn he will not have to go through with the wedding as his bride has unexpectedly died. He’s surprised to learn that the woman he comes upon being bullied in a small village is actually the cold Englishwoman he thought he would be saddled with for the rest of his life. Evil and unscrupulous persons, a former love and misunderstandings all stand in the way of what Iain and Marion come to learn is love. These two will need all the strength and determination to accept that love and to overcome all the obstacles in their way for a happily ever after. Julie Johnstone’s first foray into Medieval Romance is a huge hit! Ms. Johnstone captures your attention from the first paragraph and doesn’t let go until “THE END” is written. She has written Marion as a woman of strength and determination with an inner heart in need of love. Iain is the loyal, family oriented Scottish Laird who has little problem accepting what he must for the sake of his family and King. Then she throws in twists and turns but don’t get comfortable thinking you know who the bad person is…she’ll throw you for a loop. Not only are her hero and heroine characters interesting, she also writes her secondary characters in a way that will have you dying for their story without taking away from the hero and heroine. Excitedly waiting to see who is next!
  • When A Laird Loves A Lady

    By 33net#
    Scotland love story that you can't put down. Humor & fast pace drama to hold your interest to the end. A must read if you love Historical romances.
  • Love wins out

    By Valkia12
    This was a gritty and intriguing story. Because of the lack of love in her home life, Marion wanted only to marry for love. Her father has other plans. Iain lost the love of his life and is determined to never love again. The fates do not again. To rescue his King, Iain must marry Marion as part of a strategic alliance. Marion and Iain fight their feelings through their adventures until there is no question. At points throughout the story, I felt so connected to some of the characters and I look forward to more stories. I recommend this book.
  • Wonderful Scottish Romance!

    By jdh2690
    I enjoy Ms. Johnstone’s writing style and stories very much…and this latest is a wonderful addition to her accomplishments. The English heroine (Marion) has led a sheltered life under a cruel, unloving father who wants to marry her to another cruel man to further his political interests. The Scottish hero (Iain McLeod) is still grieving over the death of his first wife when he is ordered by King Edward to marry Marion. And then ensues a lively to-and-fro courtship between a reluctant but dazzled Iain and a feisty maid Marion who wants only to be loved and welcomed into a loving family. Their romantic story is fraught with danger as Marion’s vengeful father seeks to steal her back from Iain and a traitor is discovered in the McLeod household. This love story has highs and lows that will entice you to continue reading from beginning to end and ignore life’s other distractions.