Protecting His Best Friend's Sister - Samantha Chase & Noelle Adams

Protecting His Best Friend's Sister

By Samantha Chase & Noelle Adams

  • Release Date: 2017-08-03
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 54 Ratings


The only woman I want is the one I can never have.

Harper. My best friend's sister. I've wanted her since I was eighteen, but she's always been off-limits. Now I'm home after years in the Marines, and nothing has changed--except everything has. Her brother is dead, and she's on a hopeless quest for answers about his death.

And I want her just as much as ever.

Someone is trying to kill her now, and she won't let me keep her safe. I have to protect her anyway, even if she doesn't trust me, even if she hates me for it. A man protects what's precious to him, whether or not he can ever claim her for his own.

And Harper has always been precious to me.

Protecting His Best Friend's Sister was originally published as Duty Bound. It has since been expanded, revised, and re-edited.



    By Lynn B888
    She’s feisty and determined to get answers. He needs to make sure the danger surrounding her doesn’t escalate. A connection between the two that they never acted on as teenagers … yet it is still flaring between them. An okay plot and likable characters. Harper Murphy is determined to get the details about the accident that killed her Marine brother. She doesn’t care who’s cage she riles, she’s going to get an understanding of exactly what happened or she won’t give stop. Levi was Gavin’s best friend and fellow Marine and he is going to watch over her just like he knows Gavin would have wanted him to, so when suspicious things start happening around her, he’s on top of keeping her out of harms way … only problem is, he’s been secretly lusting after her for all of his adult life … the only woman he wants is the one woman he can’t have.
  • Enjoyable Read

    By Eileen A-W
    Another wonderful story by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams as they penned Protecting His Best Friend’s Sister, the first book in their Protector’s Series. These two ladies definitely know how to write together and produce a flowing and intriguing story. As the title states, this is a best friend’s little sister trope with lots of drama and charm. Levi has always been friends with Gavin and thus Harper, Gavin’s younger sister. Harper might be younger, smaller, and a girl but she is determined to prove her independence and strength. Gavin couldn’t pinpoint when he first fell for Harper but knew in his heart he would always be there to protect her, especially after Gavin’s death in Afghanistan. Harper rebels against what she interprets as control on Levi’s part, fighting her interest and desire for him. When Harper’s life is threatened, Levi steps up his game to determine who the culprit is and to keep Harper safe. His Best Friend’s Sister is a great story with plenty of attempts at romance! Levi and Harper share a special chemistry and compassion with each other that is demonstrated throughout the book. I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting it down. I recommend this book to other readers. It makes for a wonderful, light easy read. Although this book is part of a series it is a standalone story.
  • Love & Suspense!

    By Astroyic
    Love & Suspense! This is the first book of The Protectors series by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams. A second chance romance that is full of emotions, attraction, desire and suspense. Well written, the story had good flow throughout with a great build. Enjoyed meeting the close knit group of marines, that will be part of this series. Levi has been attracted to his best friend Gavin’s little sister Harper, since he was a senior in high school. But she was forbidden. Twelve years later he was standing across from Harper and her parents with a grave between them, Gavin’s. They had both signed up in the Marines. Only now, they were all home, injured, broken, defeated and burying their best friend. Gavin and Levi met and became close friends with Sebastian, Declan, and Cole. Harper Murphy was mad at losing Gavin. Always being one to take on causes, she was determined to get to the bottom of what had happened to her brother. As a reporter Harper had the perfect job to bring attention to her causes, even the wrong type of attention. So when random acts of vandalisms and attempts to hurt Harper start happening, Levi knows he must do everything he can, to protect his best friend’s sister. As Levi tries to keep her safe, emotions, attraction and desire are like a unstoppable force drawing them together. Will Levi’s protection be enough to save Harper? Will Harper and Levi find love? You will have to read to find out.
  • Great read!

    By Cheryl33610
    Harper and Levi sizzle when together, whether Harper wants to or not! She had a little crush on her brothers best friend, but got her heart broken (unintentionally on Levi's part) and she's not quick to forgive. It doesn't help that her brother Gavin was killed and Levi is a reminder that some come home from war and others do not. But Levi has that protective alpha gene happening, along with his own not-so-little, unrequited crush, so he's all over Harper, for her own good. And once she starts digging into the reasons behind her brothers death, danger seems to be following her. It might be hard to like Harper, given that she's loud, a little brash and apparently holds a grudge. Maybe that's why I liked her so much! She needs that edge to be taken seriously, in her mind anyway, because she's small and delicate. Levi is awesome; sweet and strong, vulnerable and no-nonsense..exactly how o like my alphas. Their story is steamy but not raunchy (hey, there's nothing wrong with that, either!) and extremely well written. I think Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams pull off a seamless narrative that doesn't make it apparent that the book is written by two people. I never felt I was reading from two different perspectives, writing wise. I enjoy their collaborations and hope that the rest of this series is as good as this one was! 4 stars!
  • An Emotinal Read!

    By SBart79
    Oh my, what an emotional start to a rewritten series. Levi has always been the protector, but when his best friend, Gavin dies over seas, it is now time to protect his little sister Harper. When Harper starts looking into the death of her brother, her life is threatened and Levi steps in to protect her in more than one way. This story is packed full of mystery and romance. Levi is so swoon worthy!! I could not put this book down. I love this dynamic writing team of Samantha and Noelle. I highly recommend!!
  • A Wonderful Surprise!

    By Jbean168
    Let me first say, I am not a big fan of stories told in the first-person voice or the falling for the best friends sister sub-genre BUT I do love Ms. Chase's stories! So I decided to give this story a shot and BOY, am I glad I did!! This story was FANTASTIC!! Harper and Levi are HOT!! I also enjoyed the touch of suspense that just added to a great story. I am so excited and looking forward to reading more stories in this series!!