Dangerous Desire - Complete Series - Nicole R. Locker

Dangerous Desire - Complete Series

By Nicole R. Locker

  • Release Date: 2018-05-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 17 Ratings


From Book 1: Hot as the Dallas, summer heat - Perla Fae resists the advances of a sexy as hell, playboy billionaire to protect her heart from further devastation. It should be easy, coming fresh out of a painful breakup, starting a new job, and the calendar just days away from the tragic reminder of why she feels utterly alone in the world. 

Jax Maddox doesn't do emotions or complications in his love life, but if there's one thing he loves more than anything, it's a challenge. He may have just met his match.

This is the Complete Dangerous Desire Series by Nicole R. Locker.


  • Great Read

    By Tamara Lewis051917
    This book was a great read the twist was awesome I didn’t see it coming and the ending was great
  • Dangerous Desire-complete series iBooks Nicole Locker

    By lynnecuda
    Great story. Two sisters, orphaned in their teens when a home invasion killed their wealthy parents 8 years ago, decided to give up their wealth and live off of their job earnings like regular people. The older sister, Perla, takes it as far as saying she dislikes wealthy people and would never date a wealthy man. Perla takes a new job and moves to a new apartment to get away from a cheating ex. At her new building, she runs into the gorgeous and wealthy Jax Maddox, who wants her and tells her. She doesn't care for his proposition but he doesn't give up. Then feelings change on both their parts. Would it ever work? Amid this rollercoaster romance is a tense mystery that we as readers sense may come to a head at any time!
  • Dangerous desire, complete series by Nicole Locker

    By Tinabop38
    This was an amazing book! It keeps you on your toes the entire time! I love it! Is there going to be a next for these sisters? I hope so. Thank you for letting me & others your books. Tina from USA
  • Dangerous Desire Complete Series By Nicole R Locker

    By Jedewey
    Great story, with the right mixture of romance, suspense, ands heartache. Just wished they would elaborated more on the ending giving Jax & Perla the opportunity to fully enjoy their love story & talk more in-depth about Jax hang ups with his dad, and how they worked thing out to move forward with their relationship!
  • Quick Read

    By Dalilscorpio
    Good book. Wish it had been a little bit longer and more involved.
  • Struggles

    By Makemechukkle
    Pearl and Jada seem to have a lot of issues that makes their lives difficult. One of their major issues is that their parents are dead. They blame these issues on money so they refuse to use their trust funds; yet, they go to fancy find raisers wearing fancy dresses. This seems a little hypocritical even if it is for charity. At least, Pearl comes to her senses at the end and realizes that money wasn’t the reason her parents were killed.
  • Dangerous Desire By Nicole B Locker

    By czy53694
    Loved this story. Characters were wonderfully developed. Suspense was captivating. Needs a small amount of editing for typos but other than that I enjoyed reading. Hard to put down.
  • Dangerous desires complete series Nicole r locker

    By Vv vvvv
    It's best book of the all time and gifted writer.
  • Good read

    By HKell27
    I enjoyed this book a lot! Could use better transitions between each book. Overall, a good read.
  • Glad I read, and would read again

    By Puppiesrock67
    Dangerous Desire was a really good read, it had suspense and mystery with Mr. Sullivan's monologues, and their parents' murder. The characters were very dynamic and well thought out, you could really tell that the author cared about making them real, and giving them back stories. There was occasionally some messiness with the wording, but the points were still able to get across. I really liked the romance and how although it was hot, it was also quite romantic and sweet. Perla's fight with her needs and wants, along with her pain and struggles, felt very real, and relatable. The book was wrapped up quite well, it didn't feel like there was any missing loose ends that needed tying up. Overall I quite enjoyed the book, there weren't any big issues or problems I had with it, except that the synopsis in the iBooks store was really flimsy and doesn't do the book justice, it's boring and seems unoriginal which this book isn't, if it weren't for a friend's advice, based on the summary, I wouldn't have bought it, but I'm really glad I did.