Once Upon A Story You've Always Been Told - Julie Sype

Once Upon A Story You've Always Been Told

By Julie Sype

  • Release Date: 2018-06-12
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables
Score: 4.5
From 842 Ratings


A Fairytale Re-formed

When our princess is captured by a witch and held captive in a tower far from her comforts and kingdom, naturally a prince is sent to save her.


The princess has just interrupted this blurb to let us know that…

“She’s not looking for a rescue - but a freedom!”

So, throw off your ideas of predictable romance and classical endings, and follow a little princess on her courageous adventure of curiosity, acceptance and bliss.

This book reminds us that when imagery and lore become ubiquitous they present the danger to inoculate.

An inclusive, refreshing journey to the heart of innocent desire. The pure, unabashed, irrevocable force of love.


  • Not a children’s book!

    By MRB#3
    I picked this book for my 8yr old son to read and was surprised at what I heard while listening to him read. I do not think that children should be influenced to opposite sexuality. When they are old enough to make their own decisions that’s fine but reading about it in a children’s book is inappropriate. I do not recommend letting your child read this book.
  • The princess is a lesbian

    By holasoybatman
    Just to be aware before reading it for your kids
  • Once upon a story you’ve always been told- review

    By Kurblonk
    I think this story is adorable and well overdue. Not every girl wants a prince, and there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. - Serena
  • Sad

    By Not as good as Instagram
    As far as kids books go.....I would say.... I’m not really into your story. Indoctrination of a sinful lifestyle saddens me. The Bible says.. ‘ those who practice or condone this sin are in danger of eternal punishment if they do not repent and turn from it”. I pray that you do so.oo
  • Good book

    By lolpoopbutt
    I am 13 and I love this book.This was the first book I have read in IBOOKS and I loved it ❤️
  • Perfect pairing of...

    By Sherwood1110
    This book is a perfect pairing of classic storytelling and rhymes with an easy to grasp theme. I can’t wait to read it to my daughter. I want her to know she can talk to me about anything, she can feel anything, and she can be anything. She should accept others as they are and seek to be empathetic. This book will be a great tool for us. Oh! And the pictures are perfect! Just enough to help tell the story without being too busy or garnering more attention than the theme.
  • What did I just read

    By th51345
    Definitely not a kids book especially if they are 10 and under smh
  • Very sweet

    By Tamara R.
    Short, sweet, and great messages. Loved it!
  • Love this!

    By Margie love
    *for those of you saying that this is inappropriate or it's gonna cause them to be a lesbian.... Maybe PROOF READ what you CHOOSE TO READ to YOUR KID! Ok... Rant over! I loved this beautiful book it was a different take on a fairytale because not all contain a man and his love! The illustrations were beautiful! Definitely think that this should get published! Thank you Julie and Mark for sharing this beautiful book!
  • I don’t like this

    By Geckodude22
    I don’t like this book 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾