The Aroostine Higgins Series - Melissa F. Miller

The Aroostine Higgins Series

By Melissa F. Miller

  • Release Date: 2018-06-26
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


Join Aroostine Higgins as she risks everything in the pursuit of justice in this thriller bundle from USA Today bestselling author Melissa F. Miller. This bundle features the first three novels in the smart, gripping Aroostine Higgins series.

Critical Vulnerability (Book 1):

Aroostine’s gearing up to prosecute a major bribery trial … one that could make or break her career in the Department of Justice’s elite Criminal Division. But everything’s going wrong.

By the time Aroostine realizes her string of bad luck is anything but random, the stakes are far higher than the outcome of a high-profile court case. The life of the only man she’s ever loved hangs in the balance.

Now, it’s personal.

Chilling Effect (Book 2):

Rumors of money skimming, murder, and stolen military weapons swirl around a Central Oregon reservation.

Federal prosecutor Aroostine Higgins is sent to investigate in the hopes that her Native American roots will help her win trust in a community wary of outsiders.

She arrives to find her would-be informant executed in his home. As she digs deeper into the facts surrounding the murder, she butts heads with tribal authorities bent on solving the crime and doling out punishment on their own terms.

She and her husband, Joe, narrowly escape a deadly ambush on the reservation. They go off the grid and must rely on her tracking and survival skills to uncover the dirty secrets someone's trying desperately to bury.

Aroostine has no idea who to trust ... and who wants to kill her.

Calculated Risk (Book 3):

Former prosecutor Aroostine Higgins takes on her first assignment for the Office of Tribal Affairs. 

A priceless antique that may be a counterfeit. A missing socialite. A desecrated corpse. 

For a sleepy Southern Louisiana town, Belle Rue is home to an awful lot of secrets ... and desperate people who will do anything to keep those secrets. 

Aroostine Higgins comes to Belle Rue with a simple mission: track down the weaver a one-of-a-kind example of Native American basketry. But the when her trail collides with a local homicide investigation she and her husband, Joe, find themselves smack in the middle of two scandals: one that spans generations; one that dominates the headlines. 

As Aroostine teases out the connections that weave the two tragedies together, her actions put her in a killer's sights.