The Non-Boring Vacation Packing Guide: Save Your Back, Time and Money - Elisabeth Sowerbutts

The Non-Boring Vacation Packing Guide: Save Your Back, Time and Money

By Elisabeth Sowerbutts

  • Release Date: 2011-07-12
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure


This book will show you how to pack for any type of trip. Whether your ideal vacation is a week on the beach, or a tour of the opera houses of Europe, this book will see you prepared with the right gear. And you won't need a porter to carry it all for you.

The trick is very, very simple, but it goes against all of the messages the modern media and travel industry would have you believe. This is not a book that the makers of travel gear or the taxi drivers of the world want you to read.

Brief and to the point the author teaches the reader an approach to packing which will revolutionize their vacation packing forever. Prioritising the important things you MUST take, and considering what you are doing on your trip, will result with a short, but useful packing list. For almost everyone that means that what you need to take will fit inside a carry-on sized bag.

This book is designed to teach you how to figure out your own packing list for vacation - to cover any type of vacation, of any length, really!

The Author

After 30 years of traveling Elisabeth thinks she has packing down to an art! Every time she travels she see tourists on vacations with long-faces. Often, when strangers see her with her luggage, they say, "I wish I could travel like you!".

Well now you can!