Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier - Neil de Grasse Tyson & Avis Lang

Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier

By Neil de Grasse Tyson & Avis Lang

  • Release Date: 2012-02-27
  • Genre: Astronomy
Score: 4.5
From 183 Ratings


“A compelling appeal, at just the right time, for continuing to look up.”—Air & Space

America’s space program is at a turning point. After decades of global primacy, NASA has ended the space-shuttle program, cutting off its access to space. No astronauts will be launched in an American craft, from American soil, until the 2020s, and NASA may soon find itself eclipsed by other countries’ space programs.

With his signature wit and thought-provoking insights, Neil deGrasse Tyson—one of our foremost thinkers on all things space—illuminates the past, present, and future of space exploration and brilliantly reminds us why NASA matters now as much as ever. As Tyson reveals, exploring the space frontier can profoundly enrich many aspects of our daily lives, from education systems and the economy to national security and morale. For America to maintain its status as a global leader and a technological innovator, he explains, we must regain our enthusiasm and curiosity about what lies beyond our world.

Provocative, humorous, and wonderfully readable, Space Chronicles represents the best of Tyson’s recent commentary, including a must-read prologue on NASA and partisan politics. Reflecting on topics that range from scientific literacy to space-travel missteps, Tyson gives us an urgent, clear-eyed, and ultimately inspiring vision for the future.


  • Easy to read and very informative

    By Dndregjoni
    Absolutely fantastic book! Opened up my eyes on America's standing in the international stage of space exploration. NDT does an excellent job to keep you reading and craving to learn more about the cosmos!!
  • Nice book

    By Yaffiuzza
    I found this book very informative and exciting. I recommend it highly.
  • Recommend

    By Rick Wallace
    This is a must read for all humans on spaceship earth. I will say however that some of the writing in this book is a little repetitive but if you like NDT which most people do then you will love this book. You can really here his voice when you're reading his words
  • A Celebration of Space!

    By AGlobe
    Degrasse Tyson cares deeply about our current direction in space exploration. He clearly lays out the history of how our space program got to this place, where its going, and what it means to all of us. His humor and passion are infectious. If you're a space person, you'll love this book. It's time to double NASA's budget to the full penny, light a creative candle under our best talent, and restore our innovation on the forefront of discovery! I came away from the book recognizing the universe expects more of us; you will too.
  • Must-read!

    By _Hopper
    A must-read for everyone, everywhere.
  • Great for anyone with scientific thirst.

    By Heat_Legend
    Great read for anyone interested in the direction of NASA, future space exploration, science or the cosmos. Very insightful for all ages.