The Earl's Inconvenient Wife - Ruth Ann Nordin

The Earl's Inconvenient Wife

By Ruth Ann Nordin

  • Release Date: 2012-05-18
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4
From 895 Ratings


Caught in a scandalous situation, Lord Roderick marries a lady he believes tricked him into marriage. Miss Claire Lowell hoped her first Season would result in a marriage based on love, but her new husband hates her. Can she convince him she didn't trick him into marriage or will she be confined to the loveless marriage she fears?


  • I loved it!

    By CrazyBanshee
    The Earl's Inconvenient Wife I a a really good beer, I hope others find it just as great as I do!
  • The earl's wife wasn't really inconvenient.

    By Trappercat11
    This is a traditional regency romance. The beginning was in London during The Season. The sisters are looking for husbands. The author spent the time developing personalities and a minimum of time on describing locations. We really only know of about 5 or 6 of the characters. The sex scenes weren't great, and if there wasn't a "need", it would have been fine without the details. I like those scenes in contemporary books, but it doesn't play the same in historical books. I liked the book, but I wouldn't say I loved it.
  • PLOT

    By YukiTheGaijin
    The author had a good idea for this story, but unfortunately it didn't follow through. I get that the idea was that their marriage was a whole misunderstanding, however, it shouldn't have taken fifteen chapters to resolve almost EVERY problem they had... at the same time, and every other problem was quickly resolved after that. If everything were timed correctly it would have not only made space for more content, but it would have inclined the reader. The beginning started off well, but it got uninteresting after, very quickly. My advice to the author is, if you would've given the story a little more time to marinate, you'd see it with new eyes and see the problems. I give it one star for your diversity of character, in most.
  • The earls inconvenient bride

    By Romance junking
    No strong characters. Story boring and had to force myself to finish this book. Good book to fall asleep to.
  • I tried to like it, but could not!

    By Lola777
    I read this book and was overall disappointed. The book lacked substance, lacked character development, and not only was the plot introduced really late and rushed, but it was really POOR, (to name a few). Anyway, I normally do not write comments on the books I read, but I felt compelled to write a comment for this poorly written book. BTW..., English is my second language so I apologize for any grammatcal errors. I hated this book, even for a free read. It was so bad I gave it less than a star.
  • Pure Pleasure!

    By Cecijodel
    A very worthwhile read! The characters and their personal struggles are very real, and the plot refreshingly original.
  • Meh

    By SofiaMarilyn
    Felt this book had potential to be more and could have been drawn out / longer. There were multiple ways that character and "plot succession", for lack of a better term, could have been further developed to build upon what was already there. I thought it was silly that she wanted to don all these different kinds of disguises even though it served a purpose in the story.... Im interested in seeing a story for the friend Perry Clemens.
  • Tried to like it but couldn't..

    By Bookvamp
    An inconvenient wife who's also an annoying twit and an unlikeable hero makes it a torturous read. Tried very hard to like them but couldn't find much redeeming qualities in them to like :(
  • Pretty great

    By Belle8570
    As an author myself, I know the hard work that goes into writing. I liked the characters. This book was good. It was an easy read. The only thing that keeps it from perfect is character development, using current terminology in early 19th century, and the plot needed more of a climax. Other than that I really enjoyed it! Good job
  • The Ear's Inconvenient Wife

    By Bookgirl09
    What an inconvenient book. The hero is a lackluster twit and the heroine is an idiot, I couldn't finish this book even though I was skipping pages! Don't waste your time with this.