How To Become A 30 Second Business Networking SuperStar - Michael R Dougherty

How To Become A 30 Second Business Networking SuperStar

By Michael R Dougherty

  • Release Date: 2012-09-25
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales
Score: 4
From 129 Ratings


How To Become A 30 Second Business Networking SuperStar reveals simple, easy-to-use strategies that will supercharge your elevator speech and your business networking introductions so that prospects will be asking for your business card and wanting to know more about your products or services.


  • Straight to the point

    By ppansu
    Wow, I thought this book with a few pages didn't carry much "weight" with credibility (pun intended). However I was wrong since I used this to 10 people with 90% positive response. The 1 person that it didn't work on was my engineer who wasn't focused on me, but on his engineering due out. It works based on my small sampling.
  • Beware! Just a sales pitch.

    By Snowrider24
    This book is a marketing tool for the author. It is not a real tool to accomplish what the title states.
  • I wanted to read it but.....

    By JasonQ79
    There were so many spelling and grammatical mistakes before I even finished the first chapter that I began to question the credibility of the author. What is so hard about proofreading a book that is this short??! I didn't even finish it. The subject matter was interesting but I just couldn't handle the annoyances of all the errors.
  • Networking Supersrar

    By iindigobleu
    Succinct, straight forward, and gives great tips that anyone can use. Nice Quick read.
  • How to Become a 30 Second Business Networking Superstar

    By Cundiamores
    I finally understood the power of 3, how to construct an Elevator Introduction and how to stand out in a room full of entrepreneurs.
  • Weak! I want the last 15 minutes of my life back!

    By Fuller Electric
    I should have known based on how short it was. Nothing in here came as a surprise and there were only a couple points that were specific enough to take action on. This is clearly a "book" written by a guy who had a blog who should've just stuck to a Twitter feed.
  • Needs a proof reader.

    By EKmoney
    The information was alright but probably could have been summarized in 5 pages. At a certain point the writer lost credibility with me due to simple spelling errors and the careless use of wrong words. There is a difference between their and they're, the author uses them incorrectly. Finally, in at least 3 places he writes you instead of your which is just careless. You could proof read the book in 30 minutes. Take pride in your work!!
  • Grammar and punctuation

    By JodiSherretts
    The book is pretty good. However, the typos and grammar mistakes need to be corrected.
  • Edited?

    By Bozionelos
    I haven't finished the first chapter and I've noticed a few grammatical errors. It's hard to take seriously when the author doesn't use "their, there and they're" correctly.
  • Great tip but...

    By CangsWifey
    This book had some great tips but it needed to be proofread before submission. There were lots of typos, bad grammar, and too many blank pages. It was a quick read as well. It only took about 30 minutes. Overall, great tips for intro and elevator speech!