The Eye of the Hunter - Dennis L. McKiernan

The Eye of the Hunter

By Dennis L. McKiernan

  • Release Date: 1992-10-06
  • Genre: Epic


From the bestselling author of the Iron Tower trilogy and The Silver Call duology comes the magnificent epic of Mithgar...

A thousand years had passed since the Eye of the Hunter last glared in the heavens. A thousand years since the immortal Elfess Riatha brought word of the prophecy to the Warrows Tomlin and Petal with whom she had leagued to hunt down and defeat Baron Stoke, one of the most evil beings to ever stalk the lands of Mithgar. The price of Stoke’s doom had been a beloved companion’s life, the two plunging, locked in combat, down an icy chasm which had sealed shut the ring of eternity.
Now the comet known as the Eye of the Hunter again rode Mithgar’s skies, and the creatures of darkness once again ravaged the lands, heralding the imminent return of their dread mster, Baron Stoke. And now five brave souls must answer the call of prophecy: Riatha and the elf called Aravan; Gwylly and Faeril, last in a long line of Firstborn Warrow descendants of Tomlin and Petal; and one other, one restored to them from Death’s chill grasp.