Kiss of Fire - Rebecca Ethington

Kiss of Fire

By Rebecca Ethington

  • Release Date: 2013-07-17
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 1,051 Ratings


It was one kiss...
... and it very nearly ended my life.

I have a secret.
I am in love with my best friend.
I know, I know. It's every teenage girls big confession, but most of them at least have a chance. Cute boy next door and all that.

Not me, I just so happen to have a crush on a guy that is way out of my league. Ryland LaRue is insanely hot, insanely rich, and way too nice for his own good.

It's clear I can't have him, and not just because his evil overlord father hates my guts. I have a secret that I can't tell anyone. And no, not the fact that I like him. This one is bigger. It's the reason my dad left, and I am pretty sure it's why his 'magical' cult is now following me around.

The only problem? Ryland has a secret too, and his just happens to have all the answers I need.

Which bring us to that kiss...

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The first book in The Imdalind Series, KISS OF FIRE, has been raved as "DO NOT MISS" by USA Today's Happily Ever After Blog. Full of spunky best friends, the hot guy (not quite)next door, and a whole lot of sparks. You don't want to pass this one by.

"I couldn't stop reading... I bought her others just as soon as I was done and read them all in three days, they are that good." - USA Today Best Selling Author Quinn Loftis ★★★★★

"My favorite series of the year. If not ever. You don't want to miss this amazing world Rebecca Ethington has built." - Ben of Tomes ★★★★★

Get Lost In This Complete Series Today!
¤ Kiss of Fire, Book One
¤ Eyes of Ember, Book Two
¤ Scorched Treachery, Book Three
¤ Soul of Flame, Book Four
¤ Burnt Devotion, Book Five
¤ Dawn of Ash, Book Six
¤ Crown of Cinders, Book Seven
¤ Ilyan, The Final Chapter


  • Fantastic Start to the Imdalind Series

    By Mom With a Reading Problem
    I stumbled across this book in January and could not put it down! It quickly became one of my all time favorites and I read the rest of the series in just four days. Now I'm eagerly awaiting Soul of Flame book four of this amazing series! Kiss of Fire is the story of sixteen year old Joclyn Despain and how she discovers that not all is what it seems in her world. At the age of five, she received a mark and was in a coma for months. Upon awaking, her father leaves in search of what he thinks is wrong with her. Her mother stays and finds work at the LaRue mansion as a cook. This is where Joclyn meets her one and only friend, Ryland LaRue. Now teens, hormones have kicked in and Joclyn feels more than friendly towards him. However she reminds herself Only friends multiple times throughout the book. But when Ryland sees the mark for the first time, things spiral quickly. What is this mark? Why does it always ruin her life? I loved the characters in this book! Joclyn isn't the drama-type that is typical of YA/PNR books of today. She holds her own. She's quick witted, well educated and quite frankly a strong character. She loves her best friend, who is her only friend. She is fiercely loyal to her mother, who stuck by her after her dad left. Her flaw is the mark. This mark has controlled her life, she does everything in her power to make sure no one sees it, so no one else will leave her because of it. Ryland, who is her best friend and love interest, is handsome and just his touch seems to calm her. He also seems very in tune with her thoughts and feelings. Almost as if he can sense them. Wyn is the new girl at Joclyn's school. She's spunky and fierce, and to her credit really likes Joclyn despite the mark. Ilyan is Wyn's older brother and guardian and he gives Joclyn the creeps. Something about him is familiar but she can't place it. As the story progresses Joclyn's life is turned upside down. I can't talk about why without giving away a big spoiler so just trust me when I say it is the basis for this series! The mark isn't what she thought it to be. Joclyn doesn't know whether to trust Ilyan and Wyn and all she wants is Ryland back. But can she do it? The world building in this book lays the groundwork for the rest of the series. I love Ethington's take of witches! It's unlike anything I've ever read. I also loved that she kept it a clean read. Little to no foul language and mild romantic themes. Perfect for the young adult audience! If you like witches and PNR, and if you enjoyed the Beautiful Creatures series I think you will enjoy this book! Be warned though, it is a cliff hanger and I couldn't wait to start in on book two!
  • Kiss of Fire

    By MOM(mom of a Marine)
    Wow! A lot of unexpected twist in this magical adventure!
  • A book of curiosity

    By Ruby Dubè
    Now, I’m only nine, hopefully this book won’t be ‘TOO ROMANTIC’ if you catch my drift, but overall from the 100pg I read, it is AWEEESSSSSOOOOOMMMMEEEE
  • Kiss of Fire

    By Charli-Czech
    I was engulfed in the love, the emotions, and the disparity of the situation in which the heroine found herself. My soul soared, I was shaken at the evil, and I cried with the pain.
  • Kiss of fire.

    By Nannasuz
    Great read.
  • My heart hurts

    By Brettncristina
    The book left me so attached to the characters and the story that at the end I felt what Joclyn felt. Have to keep reading to see what happens!
  • Loved the story

    By Cridj
    This was definitely a page turner. I stayed up all night to see what happens to Ryland & Jos. Of course their story continues which I look forward to.
  • Renee reader

    By Renee reader
    Loved all of the books!
  • Good.

    By Romangelo93
    The beginning was amazing. I related to the main character- we were confused together, we were mad together, and we went through loss together. But then somewhere near the end of the book... I just got annoyed with her. She started to turn into the character that dies first in movies. I don't want to spoil the book but as I read, I had to keep in mind that she JUST TURNED SIXTEEN. All in all, I loved the book- it was far from boring. It was the main character that started to bug me near the end.
  • Wow!

    By Ek ✌️
    This book was amazing! I was expecting that ending. I couldn't put this book down it was so good! I recommend reading this. Onto the second book!