Trade Customs & Pricing Guidelines for Graphic Artists - Graphic Artists Guild, Inc.

Trade Customs & Pricing Guidelines for Graphic Artists

By Graphic Artists Guild, Inc.

  • Release Date: 2015-03-12
  • Genre: Design


Trade Customs & Pricing Guidelines for Graphic Artists is one of three books in THE PRIMER SERIES published by the Graphic Artists Guild. THE PRIMER SERIES begins where your art school or college education left off. You've developed and honed the artistic and technical skills necessary to become a graphic artist, but you also need the business skills to make a living at your craft and the legal knowledge to protect your most important asset—your intellectual property. THE PRIMER SERIES will not only help you get started in the business world but will prove to be a useful resource that you can turn to again and again throughout your career. The series is invaluable to graphic artists who are self-employed, those who want to start their own design firm or studio, and those who want to sell or license their art. However, even artists working on staff will find useful information about trade practices within the industry that will make them better informed employees. 

Trade Customs & Pricing Guidelines explores the customary professional practices and sample pricing for various disciplines within the graphic arts industry. The book begins with salaries and trade customs for staff positions as a point of reference for graphic artists seeking employment and for self-employed artists trying to determine what to charge for their services. This chapter is followed by chapters on each of the major disciplines—graphic design, web/interactive design, illustration, cartooning, animation, and surface/textile design—to assist self-employed graphic artists in learning how to price their work and services. 

Each chapter provides pricing guidelines and trade practices for several sub-disciplines and specific markets (such as advertising/promotion, editorial, publishing, packaging, etc.) within that discipline. It should be noted that the pricing ranges are provided as guidelines only. Pricing should be a negotiation between the artist and the art buyer or client. Prices can vary widely, as they are affected by many factors, such as the complexity of the work; the artist's reputation, experience, and skill set; the geographic area, market, and industry in which the work is being done; the size of the client; and a rushed deadline. The book concludes with a glossary of terms specific to the graphic arts profession.


  • Art DIrector

    By GertieJones
    The content is fine—exactly what you would expect from the Pricing Guidelines of past. However, the image quality is TERRIBLE. I can barely read any of the tables. Total waste of $14.99, as I will have to buy the hard bound version. I’m completely surprised at the quality.