Bargaining with the Billionaire - Allison Gatta

Bargaining with the Billionaire

By Allison Gatta

  • Release Date: 2015-05-20
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 88 Ratings


Franco DelRossi is used to getting what he wants whenever he wants. In business or in life, his demands are usually satisfied before they’re made. So, when a smart-mouthed secretary insists he still has a thing or two to learn, he balks at the suggestion. Unfortunately for him, though, this mouthy bombshell has a demand or two of her own… 

Eliza Ford has never been the 9-5 type, so when a case at her new job has her working overtime, she knows she’s got to do something to fix it. The only problem is that means she’s got to take the sexy Italian billionaire bull by the horns. She’s got to teach this guy what it means to be a gentleman, or one of them is going to die trying…


  • Ok

    By Molly151515
    I had an interest in the outcome of this story, but I would like to see more defined characters, clearer plot development, and stronger editing. The number of grammatical mistakes, misspellings, etc...was distracting to the reader. The story would be easier to read with more effective editing.
  • Lots of grammatical errors

    By Legal Regal
    She didn’t get deep into the characters but it was a decent quick read. Horrible grammar though!
  • Billionaire romance

    By 1Alannah
    I love novels about billionaires. It seems that they are are clueless where true love is concerned. Allison Gatta gave us a romance while not overloading it with erotic sex scenes. She let the story speak for itself.
  • Quick read, but really needed an editor

    By Carol Martina
    Entertaining, short book, but not much of a story. The lack of editing - missing words, misspelled words, wrong words so it didn’t make sense and other grammar errors - was distracting and annoying.
  • Ok story, bad editing

    By baseballgirl123
    A good idea for a story but poorly played out. No depth to the characters. While the book is a stand alone there are clearly connections between the leads and supporting characters that are not fleshed out, so in order to get the references one has to have read the other books. Lastly and most importantly I can forgive a bad story if the editing is ok. Not the case. So many misspelled words, incomplete sentences and my personal pet peeve no agreement between pronouns. Everyone doesn’t do their best! Everyone does his or her best. Why? Because everyone is SINGULAR therefore it requires a singular pronoun!
  • Ggu

    By djvfsgtg gggvgvy
    G CBCggy
  • 😀

    By beer baby
    Made me chuckle.
  • Fun read.

    By Susan518
    It was a fantastic fun read. I really got to know the characters and their development, and story development, with this book is the best so far out of the trio. In truth, it should have gotten 5 stars. Why didn't I? The typos. There were a lot of them. There were also a few sentences that were left open to interpretation because you couldn't figure out what the words were meant to be.
  • Great story bad editing

    By Foodie35
    I have enjoyed all three novels in this series. They are funny, quick reads that kept me interested until the end. My only concern is the amount of grammatical errors in all three books. For example the word "her" where the word "he" should be.